Powerful, attractive and highly customizable cleaning suite


  • Highly customizable
  • Quick cleaning
  • Gives you status readings
  • Speeds-up your PC


  • Cleaning function should be used with care

Very good

CleanMyPC is a fully comprehensive cleaning suite that helps keep your PC free of any malware and useless files that take up valuable disk space. Most importantly of all, CleanMyPC can significantly speed-up your computer.

With just a few simple clicks you can delete useless files that tend to mount-up and waste valuable disk space such as temporary files, disk images and all types of caches. CleanMyPC goes very deep so be warned that you won't even be able to see your "most recent" list in applications such as Excel and Word once you've used it.

CleanMyPC is clearly presented and its strongest point is that it gives you full control over what you clean. Only want to clean Firefox? No problem, CleanMyPC allows you to select only those programs that you want to clean. What's more, it also allows you to clean only those parts of applications that you want to - i.e. cache, language files and temp files. Be careful however when allowing it to clean language files that you may later need! Cleaning is quick and you're always updated on the status of the process with a status bar.

CleanMyPC is an elegant and excellent cleaning program which gives you maximum control over how you clean your machine.

User reviews about CleanMyPC

  • by Anonymous

    This program is awesome and very uselful for home users. When your windows operating system goes slow...   More